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That Escalated Quickly.

I'm so thankful for the outpouring of love and support I've received after sharing this publicly. I will admit that I burst into tears the next day after seeing the views creep past 800 and feeling like I'd suddenly lost control of a situation I don't want to be in in the first place. It created a lot of questions about who now knows and whether I'll be able to walk into a room anymore without this aspect of my life dominating how people see me. On the other end, though, it's definitely given me room to say, "Yeah, I'm sorry I haven't responded to that text/email/carrier pigeon, I was in the fetal position for about two months." Hell yeah, C-card.

No huge updates over here since the bureaucracy attached to being referred out of your covered provider requires a trait I don't possess: patience. It's been a great learning experience with respect to being a squeaky wheel and lighting a fire under some asses. Which some of you are probably responding to with, "Isn't that, like, your job as a lobbyist," and yeah. It is. But you get home from doing that all day at work and you don't really feel like doing it in your personal life. Unless you're my husband and left dishes in the sink. Again.

The biggest news is that I've been referred to this guy. The reason being that no one will be sure how much that huge ass vein has been impacted until they get in there and UCSF comes out ahead of Kaiser when it comes to not killing you when they reroute your blood supply during surgery.

Now, I've watched a good amount of Grey's Anatomy and I'm no dummy. When the Chief takes your case, it's either 1) hella bad, or 2) super intriguing. I'm just going to shoot for the latter and hope that Grey's doesn't become real life and a guy comes into the hospital with a live bomb in his chest cavity, the Assistant Chief can't get his left hand to work after being shot or a helicopter propeller doesn't lop off the surgeon's head (was that ER?).

I'll leave you all with a parting tip: don't check out your MRI images online unless you have some type of advanced medical degree (and no, my WebMD doctorate did not prepare me for that shit).

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